How to Fix VPN Not Connecting on Windows 10 ?

Actually since the last update of Windows 10 (March 2020), Many Windows 10 users have been struggling to fix their VPN connection. So if you are facing exactly this issue, this article will help you fix your VPN bug in few simple steps.

How to Fix VPN Not Connecting on Windows 10 ?

Photo by Stefan Coders on Pexels

: If you are facing this VPN issue exactly after updating your Windows 10 operating system, don’t waste your time thinking that your firewall is blocking your VPN connection or don’t even think about changing your VPN settings. This will waste your time and effort without getting any result. So there are actually two alternatives to fix your connection issue. Update your Windows system to the latest version and see if Microsoft has fixed this issue. (It depends on when are you reading this article.)

The second alternative consists about not using your original VPN app and set up manually the PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) VPN connection using your VPN credentials.

  1. Enter device manager by right clicking on the start Menu.

  2. Under “Network adapters ”uninstall WAN Miniport (IPv6), WAN Miniport (PPTP) and WAN Miniport (IP).

  3. Go to the top tab and click on Action and select Scan for Hardware changes.

  4. Now right click on the network icon in the taskbar to Open "Network and Sharing Center."

  5. Click on "Set up a new connection or network."

  6. Choose "Connect to a workplace" and click on the button "Next."

  7. Select "Use my Internet Connection (VPN)".

  8. You have now to enter the hostname of your VPN server that you want to connect to in the "Internet Address" field. For example, we will use the Milan server address of Torguard. In the "Destination name" field, type anything to name your VPN connection and click "Create."

  9. Bring up your connection menu by pressing again on the icon in your taskbar. 

  10. Choose the connection that you made. 

  11. It will bring up this menu. Choose the connection you just made.

  12. Select Advanced options.

  13. Click edit.

  14. This is where you will need to enter your VPN credentials. Also, you need to set VPN type as (PPTP).

  15. Click "connect" and that’s it!